Welcome to the internet home of Greenbranch Organic Farm.  We are a small, family owned farm specializing in a wide variety of vegetables and pastured livestock such as grass-fed/ grass-finished beef cattle, free-range pigs, and pastured poultry.
We strive to grow the best, most nutritious, delicious meat, eggs and vegetables you will find anywhere. To us, good farming is about more than just being productive. Good farming conserves and enhances the earth's precious natural resources, cares for the nutritional needs of the people, and preserves the agricultural heritage and lifestyle for future generations.
It is important for people to know more about their food. Whenever and wherever you may buy produce, feel free to ask the vendor questions. Most places you go the vendor will not know much about how the food was grown.  Here, all of our knowledgeable staff have an active role in growing our produce and should be able to answer most questions. We look forward to seeing you at the farmers market, our farm stand, or at CSA pick up. Thanks!

5075 Nutters Cross Road  Salisbury, MD 21804
"Feeding our neighbors as we feed ourselves."
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Farm Pics
                        Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys
 - The turkeys are raised on our farm where they have access to
    grass, bugs and sunshine.  
 - They are given no hormones or antibiotics.
They will range in weight from 10lbs-25lbs. 
 - The price is $3.95/lb.
 - A $20 deposit per bird is required to reserve a turkey.
   The deposit will be subtracted from the final price of the bird.
 - The turkeys will be processed here and will be available, fresh,        
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday the week of
                To Reserve your fresh turkey stop by the
                        farm store or call 443-736-7779.